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What does the BVDSI want?

  • The BVDSI wants to promote a strong German middle-class economy in the countries along the new Silk Road.
  • The BVDSI wants to support German and European politics in safeguarding and developing the interests of our economy.
  • The BVDSI wants to coordinate as many related competences as possible under this umbrella
  • The BVDSI wants to support its members to create and safeguard jobs by supporting politics to maintain and implement Western-style regulatory framework conditions for German and European companies along the Silk Road.
  • The BVDSI wants to promote the cultural exchange of countries along the Silk Roads with Germany and Europe.

How does the BVDSI work?

  • The BVDSI seeks the dialogue with German and European political bodies at the executive and legislative levels, and makes proposals to improve the chances of our economy.
  • The BVDSI seeks dialogue with the diplomatic representations of the countries along the Silk Road to understand the wishes and goals of these nations in terms of German cooperation
  • The BVDSI develops economic policy concepts to strengthen its bridging function between business, politics, culture and education.
  • The BVDSI organizes meetings, workshops, conferences and forums in order to enable its members, interested persons and companies to have a direct exchange with high-caliber conversation partners
  • The BVDSI formulates occasion-related constructive criticism to enable consensus-based decisions on all sides. It develops alternative proposals to strengthen Germany’s position as a leading economic nation.
  • The BVDSI stands firmly on the ground and the principles of the social market economy, the Western community of values, as well as the orientation towards a peaceful coexistence.

What does the BVDSI offer?

The BVDSI represents the interests of the German medium-sized business in relation to the politics with regards to securing value-added potential along the new Silk Roads
The BVDSI provides its members with the necessary information and contacts for investment considerations in the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) economies In the future, the BVDSI will provide its members with a project database in order to provide them with access to the value creation potentials as early as possible.

The BVDSI addresses the identification and, if possible, the avoidance of potential regulatory problems in the BRI economies and advises its members in dealing with these.

The BVDSI organizes and operates international commissions on key topics related to the new Silk Road. Through this, it offers its members a direct participation in the international political decision-making on an equal footing.

• The BVDSI competence platform ensures the interests of German medium-sized companies in the economies along the new Silk Roads. Thus, these markets should not be accessible exclusively to Chinese exports, but also to become sales markets for the German mid-sized sector, or remain so.
• Germany is an export nation. Securing jobs requires access to new markets. These arise especially in Asia between China and Turkey. Important here are the regulatory framework conditions and legal certainty in the national economies. The BVDSI helps to find the right local contact persons and thus to bring Western standards and values to these countries.
• So far, China alone determines the rules along the Silk Roads. This leads to dependencies in the affected states. The BVDSI pursues a cooperative, dialogue-oriented participation in order to achieve a positive economic development together with China
• The BVDSI is financed exclusively by membership fees, donations and event fees. The independence from individual donors is our most important advantage. Only in this way can the association bundle the interests of German companies and present itself as a trustworthy partner.