Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hickel

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hickel

“The revival of the Silk Road from Central Asia and East Asia to Germany through modern, interconnected land routes is now more than a fascinating vision. The logistic linkage of different transport lines has already begun. This logistical mega task, especially with respect to the diverse political conditions and economic interests, demands creative coordination. An important building block from a German perspective with a European dimension is the Silk Road initiative. Its task the moderation of the various interests and overarching resistances. This innovation project deserves the support of business, politics and future-oriented economics. “

Folker Hellmeyer, Chief Analyst Bremer Landesbank

“The project “One Belt -One Road” (OBOR), which includes the Silk Road, is the most important economic project on a global scale in the coming decade. This infrastructure project, which vastly pre-financed by China, spans from Moscow to Beijing, across the Tigris states to Arabia and the African continent and is vastly underestimated by the West. For Germany and the Eurozone with our export-focused economic model, an appropriate participation is essential to the preservation of prosperity. Corresponding policy directions on the part of the EU Member States are more than overdue. All the more I welcome the founding of the BVDSI Federal Association to give this topic its long overdue prominence.”

Ole von Beust - Ehem. Erster Bürgermeister der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg

Ole von Beust

Former. First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

“The strength of the German economy is based on successful foreign trade, which will only remain so if new developments and potential partners are recognized in time and are prepared for.
Many people may discount the Silk Road project as folkloristic, when in fact the biggest economy of the world, China, is strategically pursuing this idea.
This presents a great opportunity for the German economy with regard to logistics and the trade relations with countries on this route. We should take advantage of these opportunities and not jeopardize them with concerns or bureaucracy. By the way, doing just that has always been the source of the economic power of the Hanseatic cities.”

BVDSI calls for German Silk Road summit

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If they have economic, political or cultural interests in the Silk Road economies, membership in the BVDSI is an optimal solution.