Chinese ambassador promotes more trust

Chinesischer Botschafter wirbt für mehr Vertrauen

Chinese ambassador promotes more trust

Inaugural visit of the Bremen-based Federal Association of the German Silk Road Initiative e.V. (BVDSI) to the Chinese ambassador in Berlin

Yesterday, the board members of the BVDSI, Nadine Hellmold and Hans v. Helldorff met with the Chinese Ambassador Shi in the Chinese Embassy in Berlin for a first exchange of views. The conversation centered around the Chinese government’s OBOR initiative to revive the Silk Road from China to Europe. The focus of the discussion was the Chinese government assessment and the perspective of the BVDSI. In particular, the assessments of the resulting opportunities for the German and European economies showed a high degree of common vision.

Ambassador Shi, who will be attending the Schaffer Mahl (significant political-economical event of the German industry) on February 9th in Bremen, explained the importance of dialogue in avoiding and dispelling misunderstandings and irritations between the governments of both countries regarding the OBOR initiative. He knew, so Shi, that German as well as partly European politics still regarded the Silk Road project of the Chinese government with skepticism. On the other hand, Shi also recognizes the great interest of the German economy in cooperative implementation of projects along the Silk Road.

Ambassador Shi further explained, it had been shown just how successful joint projects could be if three conditions were met. These include the definition of common interests, the development of common projects, and the achievement of a common benefit. Hellmold and von Helldorff agreed with this view and added: If German engineering and German entrepreneurial spirit were to work together with Chinese implementation power and Chinese financial strength, completely new perspectives would result for the German economy and the economies along the new Silk Road.

We need more trust, promoted Shi. Therefore, he greatly welcomes the founding of the BVDSI and assures every support that could serve this trust building. In this context, von Helldorff referred to the Silk Road Summit planned by the BVDSI in the third quarter of this year, to which he cordially invited the ambassador as keynote speaker. Shi assured benevolent examination of the dates.

Finally, Hellmold and von Helldorff explained their next important steps to draw the attention of German and European politics to the positive aspects of the OBOR initiative. Both sides also expressed their hope that Germany will soon have formed a fully operational government again, so that concrete talks with the federal ministries can be conducted.