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China in Africa: A Critical Analysis of Western Tactics

China in Afrika Eine kritische Analyse der westlichen Taktiken

In a world that is increasingly interconnected and globalized, the relationships between countries are more complex and meaningful than ever. One such example is the relationship between China and Africa, which has gained increasing significance in recent years. In a recently published YouTube video, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis discusses Western tactics and China’s […]

Chinese Embassy, Berlin: BVDSI Presents Initiatives


Meeting at the Chinese Embassy, Berlin: BVDSI Showcases Education and Art Initiatives Making Headway On April 27, 2023, a significant meeting took place between the BVDSI and the Chinese Embassy, Berlin. Following a successful introductory visit to the Consul General in Hamburg, the BVDSI continues its dialogue with Chinese representatives to promote cooperation between Germany […]

The trip goes on


After a long time, the inaugural visit of part of the BVDSI Executive Committee to the new Chinese Consul General in Hamburg, Wu CONG, finally took place on April 5, 2023. The core issues of the bilateral dialogue between the EU and China were dealt with very quickly. It was agreed that the situation was […]

Only cooperation strengthens the path to a global and successful future

Tuoro College und BVDSI

Touro College Berlin, a branch of the internationally renowned Touro College New York, and BVDSi have agreed to cooperate. This is intended to develop a special educational offer. The joint development of a dual study program with the possibility of a doctorate in China is planned. At present, initial talks are being held with interested […]

Biden proposes a democratic counterpart to China’s Silk Road


In an interview with Boris Johnson, President Biden proposed an alternative to China’s New Silk Road. Surprise, surprise. Great strategy, first badmouth the evil Chinese project and then, if it doesn’t work, conjure up an alternative. Such statements make you stunned. Who should take this seriously? The BVDSI has accompanied the BRI positively but also […]

G7 -spicy replicas

G-7 Pikante Repliken

When the world still followed a bourgeois order, the invitation to dance by a woman was called “ball wrong”. Today the foreign policy order seems to be in a mess. If one follows the results of a study by the market research institute LATANA, which was carried out on behalf of the Alliance of Democracies […]

What’s wrong?


Anyone who had hoped that President Biden would make a break with Trump’s completely irrational foreign policy is rubbing their eyes in wonder. Have we missed anything? Is Biden foreign-controlled? Or do U.S. political elites in unison simply need new enemy images to push through their hegemonic goals. According to the motto, if nothing else, […]