Chinese Embassy, Berlin: BVDSI Presents Initiatives


Meeting at the Chinese Embassy, Berlin: BVDSI Showcases Education and Art Initiatives

Making Headway

On April 27, 2023, a significant meeting took place between the BVDSI and the Chinese Embassy, Berlin. Following a successful introductory visit to the Consul General in Hamburg, the BVDSI continues its dialogue with Chinese representatives to promote cooperation between Germany and China.

Collaboration with the Chinese Embassy, Berlin

After a long time, the meeting at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin took place, where the BVDSI presented two self-developed initiatives in the fields of education and art. These were received with great goodwill and strong interest in the high-ranking representatives of the diplomatic mission.

Clear Agreements for the Future

The two-hour conversation, at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, led to concrete agreements on the next steps for the timely implementation of the international initiatives. This includes, among other things, a working meeting with the presidency of another partner of the BVDSI, Touro College. We will report on the results of this meeting shortly.

Benefits of the Initiatives for German, European, and International Companies

Both initiatives presented at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin are ideally suited to showcase German, European, and other internationally active companies and to increasingly involve them in the cultural dialogue. Through cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, new opportunities for exchange between the countries and the strengthening of bilateral relations can be created.

The meeting at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin marks an important milestone for the BVDSI and the collaboration between Germany and China. We are confident that the showcased initiatives in the fields of education and art will further promote cultural exchange and international cooperation.