The trip goes on


After a long time, the inaugural visit of part of the BVDSI Executive Committee to the new Chinese Consul General in Hamburg, Wu CONG, finally took place on April 5, 2023.

The core issues of the bilateral dialogue between the EU and China were dealt with very quickly. It was agreed that the situation was sub-optimal and it was important to make more efforts at all levels.

The BVDSI presented two important initiatives in the field of education and culture, which were received with great interest by Consul General CONG. It was agreed to discuss both initiatives in depth with the responsible Chinese representatives at the embassy in Berlin.

Both initiatives are excellently suited to work cooperatively in the countries along the side streets of initiatives to the trilateral advantage and finally, at least in part, to change the confrontational into a new cooperative spirit. We will report on details here and in the press in due course.