Common goals make us stronger, so the logistics industry

New Silk Road Network

The New Silk Road Network from Bremen and the BVDSI from Hamburg want to strengthen German SMEs in the economies along the new silk roads. The BVDSI as a competence platform expressly welcomes the partnership just concluded and looks forward to future successes together. All the more so because the NEW Silk Road Network brings strong logistics expertise to this partnership. Logistics is currently the key issue for the sustainable development of the economies concerned. This applies both to the development of infrastructures in the countries and to the development of their own economic structures.

Both organizations stand for the identification and preservation of opportunities and thus for the participation in the existing value creation potential. The German logistics industry is the world leader and therefore deserves to be visible in a prominent position. With its political contacts, the BVDSI creates the necessary attention, e.g. B. in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Pakistan, China, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, etc.

Both organizations complement each other ideally. NSRN GmbH, founded by logistics experts, concentrates on showing small and medium-sized logistics companies the possibilities of the BRI more efficiently and being able to use their value creation potential more efficiently. As a transporter of goods, logistics is at the forefront of change and is one of the first industries to experience the massive impact of the BRI. By linking the right local contacts in all countries along the New Silk Road, NSRN enables direct business collaboration between members and contributes to the accessibility and transparency of the BRI through a community-based knowledge platform.

The BVDSI aims to bridge the gap between high-level political dialogues and day-to-day operational work in industry.

“We have to succeed in developing and promoting the willingness to engage in dialogue between China, the EU and the new economies along the new silk roads. From our point of view, the BRI of China represents a kind of highway for prosperity that works together for the benefit of peaceful international relations and the development of healthy ones Economies must be planned and built, “emphasize Ziwei Liu and von Helldorff.

Initially, a series of informative events are planned, which should primarily provide information about the economic, political and cultural impact of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The focus will be on the topic of logistics. These include aspects such as block chaine technology, harmonization of customs clearance processes, mediation of cooperation. and business partners, etc.

At the same time, the BVDSI and NSRN GmbH will intensify their political discussions at the international level in order to develop positive relationships between the German logistics industry and the potential partners in the countries along the Siedenstrasse as quickly and sustainably as possible.