The expert is amazed and the layman is confused!


If this motto didn’t exist, it would be time to bring it into the world. The fact that different social systems do not necessarily have to be in conflict-ridden competition does not seem to have reached Washington as a realization yet. This is all the more dramatic as President Trump’s doctrine of demarcation and exclusion is not about the competition between democracy and dictatorship, but only about the supposedly unfair competitive practices of China to the detriment of the rest of the world.

The BVDSI has often expressed its astonishment at how Washington’s worldview is mutating. Free competition, global entrepreneurship, economic prosperity and prosperity for all were to be found in all US economic and political wills until Trump took office. So how does this sudden tunnel vision come about, which is obviously also limited by high walls in the head? Now one could assume that this destructive habitus has something to do with China’s form of government, or with the straightforward goal of China in future to play a role in world politics on an equal footing with the West.

But how do you explain the aggressiveness of the Trump administration against old democracies like Mexico, Canada, Italy or the EU and especially Germany? To be honest, we do not find an explanation that satisfies the rules of logic. Perhaps right now we need to question traditional policy mechanisms and move closer to US logic?

It could look like this; It has always been successful to distract from your own intentions by shouting “stop the thief” and pointing to those who are most likely to hold your own fault under your nose. This strategy would have the unbeatable advantage of distracting from one’s own failure and at the same time portraying oneself as the guardian and true guardian of western values, but only as long as the consequences of one’s own actions or omission can be blamed on the “opponent / competitor”.

In any case, the USA will not succeed in preventing the strategic options of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative by offering its own to interested countries. On the contrary, the world threatens to collapse again into camps. The BVDSI is committed to the peaceful coexistence of the systems and will therefore continue to put its finger in miracles. This of course also includes remembering social and political development deficits in China or z. B. the EU.

Why do responsible people in Washington and Brussels overlook the fact that nothing is more promising than dialogue? In the years leading up to the end of the Cold War, change through rapprochement has already shown the way to expand tunnel vision and to tear down walls, not just in one’s head.