Constructive offers versus US disruption and US destruction

Watt the eenen sien Uhl, eat the annern his nightingale. This is what they say in northern Germany when it is meant to describe that circumstances are always viewed and evaluated with the eye of the beholder. After the US election, in the event that Biden emerges as the winner, at least a reassessment of the global competitive situation between the USA and China can be expected. All the more so as it is once again China that is moving and providing impetus for de-escalation.

The Chinese leadership yesterday campaigned for a new global economic order after the corona crisis. China wants to act constructively to reform the global economic system and promote an open world economy.

The open world economy has been the road to success in lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. The construction of infrastructure is the basis for sustainable local development in order to prevent migration flows and generate stability globally. The Belt and Road Initiative is not only an expression of China’s lived interests, but of responsibility that the West has not known for the past 70 years. Those who seriously wanted to force it lived dangerously (Herrhausen). With a population of 1.4 billion and a middle income bracket of over 400 million people, China is the world’s largest market with the greatest potential. China’s stabilizing role for other economies is significant. China expects to import goods worth over USD 22 trillion in the next 10 years. As early as the 2008/2009 crisis, China took constructive global responsibility within the framework of massive interventions in order to boost the global economy. Even now, China’s role is profoundly important to the well-being of the global economy. Fighting China means weakening one of the most important stabilizers in the world economy.