Meeting with US Consul Laura J. Hammond

Treffen mit der US amerikanischen Konsulin Laura J. Hammond

The American consul Laura J. Hammond met on 12.09. in Bremen with Hans v. Helldorff, Chairman of the Board and Folker Hellmeyer, Member of the Presidium of BVDSI e.V. for a first exchange of views. It was about China and the BRI. The interlocutors quickly agreed that China’s initiative will not affect the development potential of many countries in South, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The plan that China is pursuing in particular is forcing the EU to reposition itself in support of its own companies and economies in these regions. It was also agreed that all parties involved must have a natural interest in cooperating with the development potentials.

This requires special efforts, because the speed, and the amount of funds used by China to implement infrastructure projects in some regions are sometimes breathtaking. As a high-tech country, Germany can not only watch, but must use its capabilities cooperatively, said Hellmeyer. Successful economic policy in the regions mentioned above is active peace policy, supplements v. Helldorff.

Against this background, the US will continue to play a constructive role in shaping a peaceful role of the world community, stressed the American Consul.