Bridges instead of bombs

china flagge brücke

The war in Afghanistan seems have come to an end for the time being. At this point we do not need to ponder the meaningfulness of this waste of life and resources, but we do need to ponder the question:


While the West is licking its wounds and practicing speechlessness and assigning blame, concrete action is being taken from a completely different side. Afghanistan is on the Silk Road, so who is surprised when China is already making specific offers and talking about projects with the new rulers in the country.

There are projects that work for both sides. offer Chinese investors and the current rulers the chance of a “win-win” situation.

China is known for its pragmatism when it comes to creating a prosperity highway from east to west. China is also known for the fact that every investment in a crisis region is carefully considered and has nothing to do with political activism. On the contrary, the extensive experience of the Chinese with projects in difficult environments can be seen as a guarantee for timely prosperity.

How much the driving factor is pragmatism and not ideology can already be seen from the fact that China is investing and helping in Islamic countries like Pakistan and now also in Afghanistan. China shows how much it tries to find pragmatic solutions without viewing religion (Uyghurs) as the driving force behind exclusion.

This is how you build bridges and fill in the craters that were torn by bombs.

Imagine that the enormous sums that have flowed into the 20 years of the West’s commitment (Germany alone € 55 billion) would be z. B. has flowed into the development of agriculture, education, infrastructure and the exploration of natural resources.

Of course, military engagement was also necessary. But so and with this result; hardly likely.

Afghanistan is sitting on huge silicon deposits. In the course of the electrification of the world, happiness cannot be greater if, if not only, China had recognized how these resources can be used for the benefit of many.