G7 -spicy replicas

G-7 Pikante Repliken

When the world still followed a bourgeois order, the invitation to dance by a woman was called “ball wrong”. Today the foreign policy order seems to be in a mess. If one follows the results of a study by the market research institute LATANA, which was carried out on behalf of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, the majority of Germans seem to see a far greater threat in the USA than in the PR China or Russia. What a surprise, Mister Biden? The now unpredictable and aggressive foreign policy of the USA towards the aforementioned states has a method and is in no way relativized by the Europeans, let alone criticized. Once again, the complete appropriation of European interests by the USA and UK plays a disastrous role. Read the comment from our Presidium, Member Folker Hellmeyer.

According to Foreign Minister Maas, the G7 countries have agreed on a joint China strategy. This is referred to as political economies of scale.
One wants to make concrete joint offers for cooperation to countries in Africa or Latin America in the future.

The question arises, why only now? The West had 70 years and rejected Herrhausen’s (CEO of Deutsche Bank) initiative in this regard in the most massive form in 1989, so that Mr. Herrhausen felt compelled to end his trip to New York prematurely (read between the lines!)! How credible and resilient is this Western reaction? Does it come from the deepest humanistic conviction and responsibility for these countries or from power interests, because one recognizes that in third countries China’s infrastructure policy (perspective) is fundamentally perceived as more attractive than the regime change policy of the West (international breach of law, lack of perspective, values) ?

The US in particular is pressing for a tougher stance on the part of its allies towards China and Russia. US Secretary of State Blinken stressed restrictively that they did not want to contain China or prevent its rise.
Mr. Blinken, when the US assigns China and Russia enemy status, how hollow are their words? Are you trying to capture naive ministers in Europe? That could work.

Maas rejected the impression that the US government was putting the partners under pressure. Sorry Mr. Maas, you know that better (see anecdotal evidence). Yes, outwardly the tone under Biden is more conciliatory, nothing more. From Washington’s perspective:
Maas emphasized that they wanted to advise on a Chinese participation in the 5G mobile network. He said it was important that security issues played a role.

I like to hear that, then the IT Airbus for Europe has to come quickly. The US suspects the Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei of espionage and is therefore pressing for the group to be excluded from setting up the 5G networks, without providing evidence of the allegations to date. The accusation is proof, goodbye to the international rule of law! ! Mr. Maas, there is evidence that the USA is spying on us! The great spy USA becomes an espionage prosecutor and espionage judge without evidence? How about our German and European security? IT Airbus is the answer, not trust in the USA, which has demonstrably broken it and is still breaking it (Merkel, BDI data industrial espionage)! Blindness in one eye has never been useful for a wise all-round view! The G7 is a “nucleus” for the cooperation of democratic states. In the past four years there have been no opportunities for collaboration in this format, Maas said, referring to Trump.

Cooperation is good. . It is most effective and convincing when not narratives (including Iraq), but reliable facts are collected as the basis of incorruptible politics in the context of Western values and diplomatic art (not speechlessness / sanctions without a legal basis).

What a „good job“ .