What’s wrong?


Anyone who had hoped that President Biden would make a break with Trump’s completely irrational foreign policy is rubbing their eyes in wonder. Have we missed anything? Is Biden foreign-controlled? Or do U.S. political elites in unison simply need new enemy images to push through their hegemonic goals. According to the motto, if nothing else, the U.S. is currently giving the impression that it wants to mess with the whole world. It is not enough to see China and Russia as hereditary or traditional enemies and treat them as such; now India is also being targeted.

What is going on in Washington? Interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states and thus questioning their sovereignty is in itself an outrageous act, but at the same time threatening sanctions to enforce one’s own goals borders on a declaration of war. These ideas of foreign policy are devoid of any conception of values of peaceful coexistence for mutual benefit. Imagine China or Russia acting in this way and harassing their neighbors. What an outcry that would be. By the way, what about the self-abandoned claim of the USA not to want to play the world policeman anymore? Forgotten again?

What about the so-called loyalty of the USA to its alliance with Western democracies? Germany, too, is a victim of this predictable, unpredictable policy, keyword Northstream 2. When we talk about predictability, we are talking about the clearly visible attack on free world trade with regard to the USA. Obviously, the U.S. does not want to grant China any further OBOR success. What is being overlooked from Washington, however, is that there is no alternative to this if we believe in prosperity through growth. Especially not if human rights are to continue to play an important role in the Western canon of values.

People’s claims to self-determination are inviolable. Only those who can decide freely and act accordingly will be able to participate constructively in the development of a prosperity highway around the globe. Sanctions, as long as they exist, are a proven counterproductive means of enforcing politically motivated claims. It is not only in this respect that the U.S. learning curve seems to be rather flat. How unfortunate.

The political elites of the Western world, should very quickly seek dialogue, and open dialogue at that. A form of dialogue like the one recently held in Alaska between the U.S. and China may have a certain entertainment value for the benefit of the media, but it has no constructive value in terms of finding and shaping common ground.